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“In cities like Philly, wheelchair users can easily hail an Uber or Lyft. Not in Pittsburgh.” March 18, 2019

“As the 28th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act approaches, Pittsburgh’s city government is poised to make the city more disability-friendly,” July 23, 2018

“Meet Colton, a student with Down syndrome who plans to take part in the wave of inclusive higher ed programs,” March 29, 2018


“A Whole New World,” Sept. 15, 1996

“A Family’s Journey,” June 2, 2013

Ten Ways to Make Pittsburgh a More Disability Friendly City,” Dec. 16, 2015

“A Caregiver’s Dilemma,” June 15, 2015

Community inclusion

“Building’s design supports bringing people with disabilities into the community,” Jan. 23, 2012

“For the deaf, a doctor who can communicate,”Nov. 25, 2011

“A winning attitude at PNC Park for those with disabilities,” May 14, 2008

“Disabled clients may have trouble at new state office,” Dec. 5, 2007

“Disability rights events underscore the power of advocacy, Jul. 26, 2006

“Better trail accessibility a work in progress,” June 1, 2005

“Creating a welcoming atmosphere for worshippers with disabilities,” April 5, 2005

“Snow, ice create special challenges for those with limited mobility,” Feb. 27, 2004

Youth Issues 

“iPad is helpful tool for special needs students,” Sept. 9, 2013

“Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts making efforts to reach out to youths with disabilities,” March 25, 2013

“An easier transition to adult health care, “Nov. 5, 2012

“High school bands become champions for kids with disabilities,” Dec. 3, 2012

“It takes many pieces to build a bridge to kindergarten for little girl with autism: Educating Angelina,” Aug. 22, 2007

“Finding the right way to discuss sexuality,” May 25, 2004

“Parents can nurture conditions for friendships to bloom,” April 6, 2004

“How to make a welcome space for a special child’s play,” Dec. 2, 2003

Disability and the Arts

“Two art educators aim to dispel notion that the blind cannot create visual arts,” July 8, 2013

“Activists protesting TV shows that include characters with disabilities but do not cast actors with them, “Aug. 5, 2013

“Shooting victims say that rap music ‘saved us,” Sept. 24, 2012


“Meeting the challenge of finding work,” Oct. 24, 2003


“Port Authority cuts threaten independence of people with disabilities,” Feb. 20, 2012

Public Policy

“Her goal: Preserve Medicaid’s safety net, “June 2, 2012

Self-Advocate Profiles

“Advocating in Academia”

“After losing his sight, former pilot Abbas Qumar is determined to help others as a counselor,” Nov. 28, 2011

“A legacy for independent living, life,” Jul. 25, 2011

“Advocate breaks the silence on disability rights,”Aug. 13, 2008

“Palestinian woman’s frustrations with inaccessibility foster dream to build career in America,” Jul. 23, 2008

“Self-sufficient and going strong at 77, with spina bifida,” Feb. 20, 2008

Women with Disabilities

“Mothering the mother: Doulas help women with childbirth,” Feb. 28, 2007

“Center for Women with Disabilities considers next step,” Oct. 11, 2006


“When a spouse is disabled, teamwork, support are musts,” Apr. 26, 2006

Disability and the Media

“‘Helpless-to-hero’ stereotype is unfair and incomplete.” Aug. 17, 2004

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