Beyond Group Homes

Vision for Equality sponsored a terrific webinar on April 19, 2022, entitled “Beyond Group Homes: Housing Options for People with Developmental Disabilities.” David Gates, Esq. presented a comprehensive round up of options and resources. Information about waiver-funded planning support was also detailed.

Here is the link to the recording:

Wheelchair users can’t hail an Uber or Lyft in Pittsburgh

Unlike larger cities like Washington DC, New York and Chicago, Uber and Lyft service in Pittsburgh is not accessible for people who ride in wheelchairs. Over the past few years, both companies have been sued under the Americans with Disabilities Act and local non-discrimination laws regarding accessibility.  The lawsuits have brought change in some cities, but those changes have not reached Pittsburgh.  Fortunately, Pittsburgh does have accessible taxi service from ZTrip (formerly Yellow Cab) and VeTaxi.

For an in-depth look at Pittsburgh’s prospects for wheelchair-accessible Uber and Lyft, see my March 19, 2019, article in Public Source.






All-Abilities Media Workshops

All-Abilities Media —  one of Pittsburgh’s leading efforts for teaching young adults about media production — is teaming up with the Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University to offer workshops in March and April, 2019. Curriculum includes the opportunity to record and publish a video interview.

My 23-year-old son, Mark Steidl, has participated in All-Abilities Media for the last two years and has enjoyed the experience. All-Abilities Media Project Director Jennifer Szweda Jordan is a terrific teacher and mentor.

I encourage anyone who has an interest in learning more about audio-video production to look into this unique opportunity.